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25 October 2006

To study Law or not?

As I near the end of my usefulness as Mr. Mom, I wonder where to go.

Teaching again does not excite me as it once did. I feel like doing that might be an easy way out, like settling. Still, it is the most practical course.

Then ther eis this spectre of studying Law and going for a PhD. I want to be a lawyer as much as I want to teach...but I want to study Law in its white towered glory. My friend (from St. John's) took the step last year and loves it. I am encouraged. It's the real-world lawyers who see it poorly.

02 September 2006

Six Months

So much has happened and not happened. I am sure that any readers I had have long since forgotten me. So, do I use this blog as a forum for formulating my own thoughts?

Is Law School and a Political Science PhD a good route. I have goten too excited and now fallen back on my procrastination. I took some baby steps, but nothing definitive. I need to call Malbasa and Jack Doyle to say the least.

29 March 2006

Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform

After one of my best friend's bachelor party I was struck by something. I hesitated to call it luck or coincidence. Still it was a memorable experience.

My friend's party was not a typical Buffalo style one. It was subdued and more like I imagine a DC bachelor party might be like. His friends are impressive. Only two of us were from his high school circle. The other and I felt a bit out of our depth. It should be noted that he is a PhD Chemist working for the Navy in DC. While another in the group, who is a CIA analyst my friend met at Georgetown University, mentioned his lack of academic credentials; I realized we all felt strange.

We went to a great steakhouse in DC's Dupont Circle. Afterwards we played poker in the Jury's Doyle Hotel suite. It didn't last too late as most had to work Friday morning. My parents had the kids back in Rochester, New York, so it was a day off for a Mr. Mom.

The next morning I went running and thought about how close I could be to the DC lifestyle. Still, I had opted to move to small town Annapolis and be a high school teacher. Perhaps I downplay my intelligence and the prestige of my career choices. But, it is a bit more romantic to say you work for the State Department or the CIA or FBI.

After running I began to empty the room and check out. I loaded my luggage, the remaining Yuengling, and Coors Light onto the cart and got into the elevator. Being St. Pat's Day, my fellow rider asked with an Irish brog about the Shamrock on my South Buffalo Rugby jacket. I explained and he smiled.

I realized Jury's Doyle was an Irish owned chain. He mentioned he was in town to see GW Bush. I assumed he meant in a tourist sense and we both chuckled. Last week I picked up the Irish Voice and read about the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. Apparently these Irish-Americans packed DC to rally with McCain, Hillary Clinton and others. Perhaps my new friend was there for that. However, he had a suit and not the ILIR t-shirt.

The paper also covered Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams recent trip to DC on St. Pat's Day. My man was not Adams but maybe part of the delegation? Was his visit to Bush a tourist general joke or did he have an actual meeting with he Administration? Most tourist don't carry briefcases either.

Needless to say, I was tired from...running... and could only spit out the erudite phrase: "tell GW he sucks."

There is comfort in knowing that if he was Sinn Fein, he probably agreed with me that day.

23 March 2006

If you love out-of-date blogs you must love this one. The computer hard drive went down and I lost everything and time. Several live human beings expressed an interest in the blogs at my friend's wedding. They have probably lost interest as that was a few days ago and now is the first time I am blogging in weeks.

Stay tuned, the ideas are welling up.

02 February 2006

Michael Yon

Life is about taking chances and Michael Yon deserves some admiration. His reporting has be nominated for a Pulitzer. It is clearly more than a "blog."

He recommends a new story in the January 2006 National Geographic. There is a preview here. As always the magazine does an excellent job visually, at least as far as the slideshow preview is concerned. Ia m sure that the article is top-notch as well. It makes me wonder whether the Iraq war may be valuable even if it does nothing else but give the Kurds a chance...

Perhaps we should consider this as Genocide in Africa reaches our ears.