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02 February 2006

Michael Yon

Life is about taking chances and Michael Yon deserves some admiration. His reporting has be nominated for a Pulitzer. It is clearly more than a "blog."

He recommends a new story in the January 2006 National Geographic. There is a preview here. As always the magazine does an excellent job visually, at least as far as the slideshow preview is concerned. Ia m sure that the article is top-notch as well. It makes me wonder whether the Iraq war may be valuable even if it does nothing else but give the Kurds a chance...

Perhaps we should consider this as Genocide in Africa reaches our ears.

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Blogger Kevin said ... (02 February, 2006 14:48) : 


I wanted to let you know that Michael Yon is in a bitter struggle with the US Army over the copyright to one of his most famous combat photos. You can read about the situation and how you can help here,

Michael has been a frequent guest on our Pundit Review Radio, you can listen to our interviews with him from Mosul and Baghdad here,

Thanks for your time and consideration.



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